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Call your trusted local roofing contractor when a sudden storm hits…

When hail puts hard-to-see, but damaging dents in your roof gutters or siding… When tornadoes or high winds unsettle shingles, flashing and decking materials… You want your property secured and your roof restored as soon as possible - by a reputable company that won’t leave you hanging.

Zarlino Remodeling is supported by Roofing Restoration Services of America, nationwide storm damage experts with the knowledge, manpower and reputation to ensure that your get the job gets done professionally, affordably and fast. We are ready to work with your insurance provider to restore your home or business.

The best advertising is a happy homeowner. We encourage you to ask our customers, your neighbors in the Pittsburgh area, about our work.

Our Services
Don’t be hit by fly-by-night contractors that do not have their license, permits and training certification.
Trust a local contractor that knows the ropes in roofing and will pull for you if you need service.
  • Free inspection and estimate
  • Experts installing Asphalt, Composite, Stone Coated Steel, Wood Shakes and Tile
  • Roof repair or roof replacement including new decking, venting the works
  • Siding repair and seplacement
  • Seamless gutters and gutter covers that minimize maintenance needs

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